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Pakistan. We hear about in the news. Do they harbor terrorists? Are they our enemies? Perhaps.

But one thing I know is that in any country, there are people, just like you and me who only want to work so they can feed their families. We have way more in common than we might imagine.

Look at these kids. They are dressed differently but they just want to play.

When I read that twitter had been rolled out  in Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and Urdu for the first time, I was ecstatic. (Languages that read right-to -left presented special programming challenges.)

They did this with the help of:

            13,000 volunteers!

… including some who live where Twitter is officially blocked. The reason? ” to help more “ordinary people” make use of the service;  both to hold politicians to account and to tweet about their everyday life.”

Understanding each other, communication and learning are key ingredients to preventing war. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Photo credit: Glacier  Kids (Boston.com)

Isaac Asimov, author of over 500 books, is best known for his science fiction.  A scientist who poked and prodded his way into our subconscious – he wanted us to view the future with joy and possibility.

He wanted us to understand things that unified us. Surely the internet, more than any other invention (ok maybe movable type), has brought us together in ways we couldn’t have imagined, even in science fiction.

So today, when you’ve put away your laptop, phone, iPod or Kindle; remember what Isaac was trying to teach us.

— That we need think beyond our little corner of the world

— That together we can create the world we envision

— That one day robots really will rule the world… hehe

That it’s up to us to use  our imagination and creativity to understand a world and to make it better.

We’re all in this together.