When people approach me to give a workshop, it’s often because they or someone else has heard me before and they know our time together will be practical, fun and memorable.

People will leave energized, enthusiastic and focused. If you would like to speak to a client about the effectiveness of my workshops, I hope you will call or email me and let me put you in touch. You’ll be glad you did.

Please also see my speaking topics. I have workshops for several of these too!


Partial list of workshops:

Four Generations at Work: Now What?

This workshop is for organizations that would like to harness the power of multiple generations in the workplace. Digital natives and their baby boomer digital ‘immigrant’ colleagues find themselves embroiled in power struggles that serve neither employee nor customers. We provide a way to engage all generations and set a course for improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Social Media for B2B Organizations – Generating Targeted Leads & Content Marketing

Turning Contacts Into Profitable Leads

Oh No, Not Another Hat! Social Media for Small Business & Entrepreneurs

To Tweet or Not to Tweet – Twitter for Business

Using Blogs and Video to Grow Your Business

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